Living Kiddush Hashem

Rabbi Shraga Freedman’s book, Living Kiddush Hashem, is a practical guide to living in a way that honors God’s name.  As the publisher states, “Underlying our mitzvahs, our Torah study, our ethical and moral lives is one overriding concept: Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying Hashem’s Name. Our primary privilege and responsibility is to increase His honor by bringing His majesty into everyday life. It differentiates and elevates a committed Jew. It’s our never-ending mission.”  Rabbi Freedman’s work gives us the chance to examine one Jewish perspective on holy living.  This study will follow his thought and offer additional insight with the help of Rabbi Zev Schwartz who will join us online.

Links to purchase the book (necessary for this study)

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Its worth having in your library.

This study was live-streamed via GoToMeeting with Skip Moen and will be available for purchase in its entirety after editing is completed.