The Letter To The Romans

Paul’s final letter has been the source of a wide variety of Christian doctrines–and Jewish misunderstanding. A careful examination of this text is probably essential to understand why Christians and Jews read it so differently. That’s our task, and in this book study, we will look at each verse, sometimes at each word, as we explore the Greek text and translations.

Undoubtedly you already have the text. It doesn’t matter what translation. I will provide a printed set of questions in a verse-by-verse guide. We will look carefully at the modern translations and the Nestle-Aland 28 Greek text. We’ll also take a look at older manuscripts behind the Greek text. I promise you’ll find something important in this review of Paul’s longest letter.

As always, the study will take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 8AM Eastern USA time. We will begin on the weekend of December 17th and 18th, then will continue without interruption each weekend thereafter until we finish the letter. The study guides will be available in the “additional materials” section after you sign up. They will be released periodically throughout the study.

If you sign up after 9PM PST on December 18th, there will be an additional $8.00 per week charge.

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