Israel from Babylon to the First Century

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Over the summer I’ve been investigating the history of Israel in the period between the Babylonian captivity and the Second Temple.  I’ve read several books and determined that even though they are helpful, they are very academic and quite long.  Therefore, I’ve taken many citations from these texts so that you don’t have to read the hundreds of pages yourself.  What I want to do is provide these citations to you, and then discuss them in online sessions.

In particular, these works include:
Peter R. Ackroyd, Exile and RestorationA Study of Hebrew Thought of the Sixth Century B. C. (Westminster Press, 1968)

Lawrence H. Schiffman, From Text to Tradition: A History of Second Temple & Rabbinic Judaism (Ktav Publishing House, 1991)

Christine Hayes, What’s Divine About Divine Law?: Early Perspectives (Princeton University Press, 2015)

and possibly some related articles on Qumran. Of course, if you want the entire texts you can order them on Amazon (Amazon Smile to support At God’s Table) but it is nearly 1000 pages of reading.
When you register for the course you will receive the citation documents.  The usual price, $4.00 per session/$8.00 per week (much cheaper than actually buying the books). You may sign-up at any time during the study. If you sign-up after the first week there will be an initial fee for the prior weeks.

I’ll plan to start on Saturday, September 25 at 8AM Eastern time and follow with the usual Sunday 8AM continuation until we finish.